Lately, I am wondering if anyone looks at this site, and actually checks out the links I post up. I know how easy it is to click on a something...notice another link on that page and start clicking away. The next thing you know you are looking German scat porn and have totally forgotten what the fuck you were doing. You were looking at Of The Wasteland™. Knock it off.

(Moral of the story...quit looking at German scat porn. Scandinavian scat is a shitload better.)

As you may have noticed, the above image is a recreation of the De La Soul - 3 Feet High & Rising lp cover done completely in MS Paint (you know, that shitty graphic/paint program that was on your computer before you illegally downloaded Photoshop off of the net). I came across a grip of these MS Paint made rap lp covers on some message board, and thought they were the best thing since UHF television reception. I will unveil one of these masterpieces everytime I make a new post, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

  • Twins are the shit(except for Kent Hrbek, fuck that dude)..especially when they are born different colors.

  • I don't like PT Cruisers either, but you don't see me doing this
  • Got $70 burning a hole in your pocket? Me neither, but a lot of people do. Biz Markie doll.
  • Pirates still doing dirt...on water.
  • Is this normal behaviour for rugby fans?
  • Wow! Why go to a doctor to get an abortion, when you can do it yourself?

Get on the grind like clock work...


Damn, I need a LEGAL hustle (not that I am implying I currently have an illegal hustle). Fuck a boss. Ebay you say? Must-find-niche-ASAP!

  • Super tough mix from DJ Delay. A sprinkle of psych with a dash of southern rap. Can't beat that combo.

  • Don't you hate it when you fuck an animal, and THIS happens?

  • Great roller rink disco/boogie article based on an interview with legendary New York City DJ, Danny Krivit.

  • Gucci'd out Nike Blazers from Supreme. Yummy.

  • Rick Rubin to produce new Metallica album. I'll be sure to download it off of Napster. Whaddup Lars?

  • A few demo tracks from a new project by Michael Barksdale (superstar rock legend of teen sensation, Le Chevre). It's on My Space, so you will have to log in to listen.

  • A 53-minute audio recording of the argument that led to the recent murder of Busta's bodygaurd is for sale.

  • Original Real World alumnus and former Vibe Magazine editor Kevin Powell is running for a seat in Brooklyn, New York's 10th Congressional District. (I swear I don't get ALL of my news from

...stay up.

assed out...


(Mr. Wilson enjoying some fine reading. Picture taken by Cliff around 2003)

I recently realized I weigh 190 lbs..shit, it's gym time. I need you, Harvey(that one was for the VH1 heads)...and in even better news...
My left hand basically decided to quit working(going on 6 days now, with no improvement), so typing is now a right handed activity. You were right, Kurtis, these are the breaks...

  • Fuck it, while we are at it...

  • Bollywood remake of Fight Club...whuuut?

  • A-Trak grammy diary (courtesy of The Fader)

Also, I want to mention that soon I will be posting up hundreds of records i'm selling. Good stuff too...rap,electro,disco,rock,new-no wave,soul,jazz, stay tuned



R.I.P. Harold Hunter (1974-2006)

NY Post article

Mr. Postman


  • Found a solid new barber AND got a clean ass cut today. Check out my man, Q, over at The Distinguished Gentlemen.

  • Great interview from 1990 with Hank Shocklee and Paul Simon

  • Another good one...LL Cool J and Mike Tyson interview (circa 1990)

  • Principal accused of sending pornographic e-mails. D'oh

leavin' a SOUR taste your in your.........


King Sour, doing real big things. If you been in the freight yard or rode through South Carolina in the past few years, you most likely have noticed the name. Sucker duck toys, watch your back...for homie don't play that punk shit. If he's in his cowboy hat, and his favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo mask, then he's looking for fun.

  • Yesterday, it was brought to me attention by my mother, that I curse too much on the ol' blog. Sorry mom. Actually, I apologize to anyone else that may have been offended by anything I have said or included on here. I have a dirty mouth, this I know. It's not a good look..and definately not professional like(who's kidding who, though..i'm not a professional). I will try to tone it down a bit from now on.

  • Give up the goods, fatboy! It appears some dude named Jami ganked Fat Joe's Terror Squad "TS" chain. The guy has a website up called "Why I Got It," that apparently has the full story(his side,anyways) , as well as a track going at Joe. I haven't listened, but my guess it's boring. Let me know if i'm wrong.

  • Joe getting his jewels stolen reminds me of another story of a rapper who got "got." This is actually older news, but it's still funny. Juvenile of Cash Money fame, had his "UTP" chain stolen from a ho on his tour bus, which resulted in some dude named Carlos Cartel from Charleston, SC claiming the chain as his.

  • Video of Kurt Cobain(Circa '91 or '92) getting punched by a bouncer

  • VH1 goes inside Yo! MTV Raps, next Saturday @ 10pm(Jan. 18th)

  • does your girlfriend complain about you playing video games? Show her this.

Looking at my Gucci, it's about that time..


Ah ha, Okay..What's Up? Shut Up! Freaknik gon' be off the chain this year, you don't know naan.....I got my eyes on you, Miss Natural...yeah, you in the blue! Let me see you twerkulatin'...ya heard?

HUFFING!?!?! How you know dude was huffing??? If the man says he is the Golden State Warriors mascot, then he is the Golden State Warriors mascot. Fucking pigs, I swear. Anyways, off to the links...

  • Grandpa Munster goes to hell.

Always Rocking Shit (R.I.P.)


I like the internet. A lot. More than my girlfriend would probably like me to. But, with that being said, some things were a hell of a lot better before the Information Superhighway™ was available in every school, library and home. What is one of those things, you ask?

Graffiti. Yeah yeah, I know older guys say the same thing about graf mags, and even older guys than those older guys say the same thing about graffiti even existing outside of NYC, but the internet just cheapens it. Fuck learning about graffiti on a computer. Nothing compares to discovering these mysterious names on boxcars while tresspassing in a train yard, not logging onto a fucking website to look at burners while sitting in your comfortable computer chair. Hell, I can even remember the first train car Tume and I actually found with graffiti on it('94 maybe)...a yellow boxcar(Rail Box perhaps?) by Free 5 and Muse of Wallnuts Crew via NYC. We were like little kids as we posed for pictures(like we painted the shit..ha). Getting dirty, hopping lines, avoiding getting robbed or killed by crack zombies and weirdos, and getting chased by the workers and yard bulls just to check out a few tags, throwups, bombs, pieces, burners, end to ends, top to bottoms, whole cars,etc is the only way it should be. Some things just aren't supposed to be handed to you on a silver platter(or through a fiber optic cable).

It's sort of a magical thing at the time and i'm sure most (ex)writers remember this time fondly. That brief time when you are just beginning to connect the dots and realize what's really going on. It's as if you think you are getting clued in on some secret society or underground subculture. After realizing the time, effort,techniques and risk these dudes put in...just to put their name up, it quickly turns into obsession and by then you are hooked. Hooked for life. You may not get busy anymore, but that shit never leaves you. It's sort of like some "spidey sense" shit. That shit ain't leaving the back of your mind. You will always notice a fresh tag, or better yet where a fresh tag SHOULD be.

All of this probably comes off on some ol' man griping about how things were back in the day type shit, but fuck it...just calling it the way I see it. I thank the graffiti gods that I was lucky enough to not get exposed to graf by logging onto or stumbling across some writer's profile on My Space...shit just wouldn't have been the same.


  • Please Birdman, don't hurt 'em.
  • Upcoming VH1 documentary focusing on Darryl "DMC" McDaniels finding out at age 35 that he was adopted.
  • David Hasselhoff partly responsible for the toppling of the Berlin Wall? He thinks so.
  • Looking for your black & white art, photography, graffiti, and design fix? Faesthetic's 5th anniverysary issue comes correct with 174 pages of that raw.
  • How to fix a record skip.

"So you can feel the hand of the dead body"


Heard there was a dead body found in a car up the street last night. Apparently he was shot to death..not really what you like to hear about going on around your house. There goes the neighborhood.

  • How (un)comfortable will you be when telling your friends the name of the new Nas record?
  • Ice Cube is sharing duties as executive producer of a new reality show dealing with "Trading Races."
  • Man suing Apple because of hearing loss due to the volume of his iPod?
  • Ron Artest = Hiero head? Making his Sacramento King debut, Ron-Ron decided on jersey number 93. "Why" you ask? "The inspiration for it came from a hip-hop album by the group Souls of Mischief called "93 'Til Infinity." For Artest, the number symbolizes an unlimited future and a release from emotional burdens."
  • Exact replicas of the bat and glove Shoeless Joe used. Fuck MLB. Put the Greenville legend where he belongs..The Hall of Fame.
  • What do you get when you cross New York City, dope rappers, a camera, and good marijuana? Welcome to
  • Mike "The 2600 King" Davis always comes correct on the design shit. Check out the heat at Twelve Car Pileup.
  • Tired of lacing your kicks the same ol' boring ways? Me let Ian give you a hand.

Lets get thangs started


After going to the Peace Center to catch Wanda Sykes tonight(which was fun), I decided to get this blog thing poppin'. (I have to admit I feel sort of awkward and slightly embarrassed for having my own blog)

  • Dave Chappelle was on Oprah today discussing his "breakdown"...yeah, I missed it too. So here.
  • Three new mixes up at Lemon-Red from The Rub crew(DJ Ayres, Cosmo Baker, and DJ Eleven).
  • Who needs Photoshop, Illustrator, or a fucking computer for that matter when you got freshness like this...old school hip hop flyers.
  • every Ali G episodes from seasons 1 and 2 here. RESPECK!

Okay, so I decided to join every other fucking dickhead with a computer and start my own blog. Welcome to the
Of The Wasteland™ blog. This isnt going to be me talking about anything serious, or anything articulate at all for that matter. Most of the time I will not use correct grammar, and I probably won't use correct puncuation. What I will do, is post every other day or so, the following things:

  • pictures, links, and more of things things I find funny,interesting, or disturbing
  • links to sites I enjoy or I find disturbing
  • other totally random tidbits that I feel like sharing with others

So bookmark it, save it, smack it, flip it, and rub it down...oh no!

-Heathski Von Erich

(Heath Sweat, Masse, Cliff III)

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