To the 3 people that read this blog when it was started...

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I pretty much stopped updating this blog, as a few people may have noticed. I know, I know..this has saddened the entire internet community and all..BUT, something good is on the way. I will soon be launching the official Of The Wasteland™ clothing line that will be oozing with freshness. We are looking to launch the official site ( within a month or so and will be open for bizznazz. We are talking quality shit here, folks. Our stupidfuckingfreshdopehypehotsickillwhateverelseuwannacallit designs will even be printed on super comfortable 100% cotton! holy shit!! So until the official site launch..I have a few suggestions to keep you busy while you (im)patiently wait:
  1. thumb wrestle
  2. tiddly winks
  3. masturbate(actually, this could be incorporated into your thumb wrestling matches)
  4. shoot marbles
  5. break into a car
  6. play uno
  7. go fuck yourself(which technically falls into #3 on the list)
  8. open a paypal account(to pay for the clothing when my site is up)
  9. hopskotch
  10. email me some good fonts
I will see you folks when the site is up and ready for business.
Heath "Young Heezy" Wilson

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