leavin' a SOUR taste your in your.........

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King Sour, doing real big things. If you been in the freight yard or rode through South Carolina in the past few years, you most likely have noticed the name. Sucker duck toys, watch your back...for real...my homie don't play that punk shit. If he's in his cowboy hat, and his favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo mask, then he's looking for fun.

  • Yesterday, it was brought to me attention by my mother, that I curse too much on the ol' blog. Sorry mom. Actually, I apologize to anyone else that may have been offended by anything I have said or included on here. I have a dirty mouth, this I know. It's not a good look..and definately not professional like(who's kidding who, though..i'm not a professional). I will try to tone it down a bit from now on.

  • Give up the goods, fatboy! It appears some dude named Jami ganked Fat Joe's Terror Squad "TS" chain. The guy has a website up called "Why I Got It," that apparently has the full story(his side,anyways) , as well as a track going at Joe. I haven't listened, but my guess it's boring. Let me know if i'm wrong.

  • Joe getting his jewels stolen reminds me of another story of a rapper who got "got." This is actually older news, but it's still funny. Juvenile of Cash Money fame, had his "UTP" chain stolen from a ho on his tour bus, which resulted in some dude named Carlos Cartel from Charleston, SC claiming the chain as his.

  • Video of Kurt Cobain(Circa '91 or '92) getting punched by a bouncer

  • VH1 goes inside Yo! MTV Raps, next Saturday @ 10pm(Jan. 18th)

  • does your girlfriend complain about you playing video games? Show her this.

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