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Lately, I am wondering if anyone looks at this site, and actually checks out the links I post up. I know how easy it is to click on a something...notice another link on that page and start clicking away. The next thing you know you are looking German scat porn and have totally forgotten what the fuck you were doing. You were looking at Of The Wasteland™. Knock it off.

(Moral of the story...quit looking at German scat porn. Scandinavian scat is a shitload better.)

As you may have noticed, the above image is a recreation of the De La Soul - 3 Feet High & Rising lp cover done completely in MS Paint (you know, that shitty graphic/paint program that was on your computer before you illegally downloaded Photoshop off of the net). I came across a grip of these MS Paint made rap lp covers on some message board, and thought they were the best thing since UHF television reception. I will unveil one of these masterpieces everytime I make a new post, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

  • Twins are the shit(except for Kent Hrbek, fuck that dude)..especially when they are born different colors.

  • I don't like PT Cruisers either, but you don't see me doing this
  • Got $70 burning a hole in your pocket? Me neither, but a lot of people do. Biz Markie doll.
  • Pirates still doing dirt...on water.
  • Is this normal behaviour for rugby fans?
  • Wow! Why go to a doctor to get an abortion, when you can do it yourself?

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