To the 3 people that read this blog when it was started...


I pretty much stopped updating this blog, as a few people may have noticed. I know, I know..this has saddened the entire internet community and all..BUT, something good is on the way. I will soon be launching the official Of The Wasteland™ clothing line that will be oozing with freshness. We are looking to launch the official site ( within a month or so and will be open for bizznazz. We are talking quality shit here, folks. Our stupidfuckingfreshdopehypehotsickillwhateverelseuwannacallit designs will even be printed on super comfortable 100% cotton! holy shit!! So until the official site launch..I have a few suggestions to keep you busy while you (im)patiently wait:
  1. thumb wrestle
  2. tiddly winks
  3. masturbate(actually, this could be incorporated into your thumb wrestling matches)
  4. shoot marbles
  5. break into a car
  6. play uno
  7. go fuck yourself(which technically falls into #3 on the list)
  8. open a paypal account(to pay for the clothing when my site is up)
  9. hopskotch
  10. email me some good fonts
I will see you folks when the site is up and ready for business.
Heath "Young Heezy" Wilson

go stupid..go dumb..go stupid..go dumb..


The Chronic vs MS Paint (artist unknown)
  • Now when La Chat first spoke about the Triple Six Mafia winning an Oscar on her 2001 album, Murder She probably thought to yourself, "this bitch is bugging, mayne." Well, the joke is on you, because the Memphis boys brought that gold bald headed bitch home over the weekend. Naturally, the boys are check out their site and help celebrate.

  • I'm still not over the 1991 heartbreaking loss to the Twins that the Braves suffered, but I hate to see ol' Kirby go. R.I.P.

  • Have a question about a certain cell phones you are interested in buying? Somewhere deep inside this forum contains your answer.

  • Learn your ABC's by vandalism. Pretty dope font styled graffiti by some London dude that goes by Eine. He basically went around town painting storefront shutters with every letter of the letter per pull down door/shutter. It turns into some scavanger hunt shit, riding around the city looking for all 26 letters. If I had a kid and lived there, this is how he'd learn the alphabet.

  • I'd LOVE to see this dude on Cops being chased by some oinkers.

  • Typographica is that crack(if your idea of crack is a nerdy blog about typography)

  • Not sure if you missed the VH1 Honors Hip Hop thing last year, but in case you missed one important thing. Big Daddy Kane FUCKING SHIT UP! Seriously! The whole night was filled with TONS of older and newer rappers doing their thing...paying tribute to the "old men"...then came Kane, and he destroyed the place. It was definately the highlight of the night. Black Thought does a pretty good job doing Kane in the beginning of the video clip, but just wait til the smooth operator comes out and kills shit. Long live Kane!

  • Go buy something from Krudmart. The owner, Steve, is a nice guy and has a tons of stuff worth checking out.

STOP! Hamburger Time!!!


MS Paint strikes again! Daily Operation gets the MS Paint treatment(from who, I don't know).

Quick and easy today...time to go get busy on the grill. The Hamburgular is loose!

  • AssualtHQ flexing their design, illustation and tactical operating skills

  • The Mixing Bowl might be worth checking out. Skip past the shitty trance, breakz, and IDM and see if there is anything I should download.

  • Real life intro to The Simpsons...besides leaving out Maggie hiding inside the bag in the grocery line, this shit is ON POINT!

  • Holy shit! You have to be one rich ass kid to have that many legos!

  • School suspends 20 students for viewing a My Space page

  • Ron English coming correct with the Popaganda.

  • Yeeaaaahhhhhhh...the Snowman is in the house...err..make that the Snowchild.

  • Got 3 seconds? They should show this clip in sex education classes in middle schools, because this is the kind of stupid shit your kids are going to be doing.

  • This is probably pushing a year old now, but in case you have not seen it, a lot of ATLiens got together to take a picture. Where's Waldo?



Lately, I am wondering if anyone looks at this site, and actually checks out the links I post up. I know how easy it is to click on a something...notice another link on that page and start clicking away. The next thing you know you are looking German scat porn and have totally forgotten what the fuck you were doing. You were looking at Of The Wasteland™. Knock it off.

(Moral of the story...quit looking at German scat porn. Scandinavian scat is a shitload better.)

As you may have noticed, the above image is a recreation of the De La Soul - 3 Feet High & Rising lp cover done completely in MS Paint (you know, that shitty graphic/paint program that was on your computer before you illegally downloaded Photoshop off of the net). I came across a grip of these MS Paint made rap lp covers on some message board, and thought they were the best thing since UHF television reception. I will unveil one of these masterpieces everytime I make a new post, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

  • Twins are the shit(except for Kent Hrbek, fuck that dude)..especially when they are born different colors.

  • I don't like PT Cruisers either, but you don't see me doing this
  • Got $70 burning a hole in your pocket? Me neither, but a lot of people do. Biz Markie doll.
  • Pirates still doing dirt...on water.
  • Is this normal behaviour for rugby fans?
  • Wow! Why go to a doctor to get an abortion, when you can do it yourself?

Get on the grind like clock work...


Damn, I need a LEGAL hustle (not that I am implying I currently have an illegal hustle). Fuck a boss. Ebay you say? Must-find-niche-ASAP!

  • Super tough mix from DJ Delay. A sprinkle of psych with a dash of southern rap. Can't beat that combo.

  • Don't you hate it when you fuck an animal, and THIS happens?

  • Great roller rink disco/boogie article based on an interview with legendary New York City DJ, Danny Krivit.

  • Gucci'd out Nike Blazers from Supreme. Yummy.

  • Rick Rubin to produce new Metallica album. I'll be sure to download it off of Napster. Whaddup Lars?

  • A few demo tracks from a new project by Michael Barksdale (superstar rock legend of teen sensation, Le Chevre). It's on My Space, so you will have to log in to listen.

  • A 53-minute audio recording of the argument that led to the recent murder of Busta's bodygaurd is for sale.

  • Original Real World alumnus and former Vibe Magazine editor Kevin Powell is running for a seat in Brooklyn, New York's 10th Congressional District. (I swear I don't get ALL of my news from

...stay up.

assed out...


(Mr. Wilson enjoying some fine reading. Picture taken by Cliff around 2003)

I recently realized I weigh 190 lbs..shit, it's gym time. I need you, Harvey(that one was for the VH1 heads)...and in even better news...
My left hand basically decided to quit working(going on 6 days now, with no improvement), so typing is now a right handed activity. You were right, Kurtis, these are the breaks...

  • Fuck it, while we are at it...

  • Bollywood remake of Fight Club...whuuut?

  • A-Trak grammy diary (courtesy of The Fader)

Also, I want to mention that soon I will be posting up hundreds of records i'm selling. Good stuff too...rap,electro,disco,rock,new-no wave,soul,jazz, stay tuned



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